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Finishes & Patinas

All of our products are available in all of the finishes seen below (please call 01384 898839 for any special finish requirements)

All finishes are either electroplated, lacquered or waxed as appropriate. For living finishes we would recommend the product is waxed.

A ‘ * ‘ denotes the product is lacquered. Polished brass items can be left unlacquered on request. This will allow the product to age naturally over time. Where a finishing agent has been used to patina the brass, we would always recommend either wax or a lacquered coating.

Colour and texture variation is inherent in the majority of hand-applied patinas to give a more realistic and authentic feel.

  • Black Electro-Phoretic [BEP]

    Black Electro-Phoretic [BEP]

  • Bronze Metal Antique [BMA]*

    Bronze Metal Antique [BMA]*

  • Dark Antique Brass [DAB]*

    Dark Antique Brass [DAB]*

  • Medium Antique Brass [MAB]*

    Medium Antique Brass [MAB]*

  • Light Antique Brass [LAB]*

    Light Antique Brass [LAB]*

  • French Lacquer Gilt [FLG]

    French Lacquer Gilt [FLG]

  • Electro Phoretic [EP]*

    Electro Phoretic [EP]*

  • Gold Plated [GP]

    Gold Plated [GP]

  • Titanium Gold / PVD [TG/PVD]

    Titanium Gold / PVD [TG/PVD]

  • Satin Brass [SB]*

    Satin Brass [SB]*

  • Polished Brass [PB]*

    Polished Brass [PB]*

  • Polished Brass Un-lacquered [PBUL]

    Polished Brass Un-lacquered [PBUL]

  • Vintage Brass [VB]*

    Vintage Brass [VB]*

  • Black Nickel [BN]

    Black Nickel [BN]

  • Polished Nickel [PN]

    Polished Nickel [PN]

  • Satin Nickel [SN]

    Satin Nickel [SN]

  • Antique Silver [AS]

    Antique Silver [AS]

  • Silver Plated [SP]

    Silver Plated [SP]

  • Polished Chrome [PC]

    Polished Chrome [PC]

  • Satin Chrome [SC]

    Satin Chrome [SC]

  • Polished Copper [PCu]*

    Polished Copper [PCu]*

  • Satin Copper [SCu]*

    Satin Copper [SCu]*

  • Rose Gold [RG]

    Rose Gold [RG]

  • Light Antique Copper [LACu]*

    Light Antique Copper [LACu]*

  • Medium Antique Copper [MACu]*

    Medium Antique Copper [MACu]*

  • Dark Antique Copper [DACu]*

    Dark Antique Copper [DACu]*

Please note: due to the variation in screen technology, the product appearances may vary to the images shown.