We might be called BrassArt and be leaders in luxury architectural ironmongery, but brass certainly isn’t the only finish we can ‘do’! In fact, working within the parameters of the metal Brass, we can (try to) replicate any finish you desire for your luxury architectural hardware, and we are proud to have many different types of brass finishes available for you to choose from.


Choosing the right finish for your luxury architectural hardware

Our luxury brass products can be ‘finished’ according to your colour scheme and as leading experts in ironmongery we can help you decide what will look and work best if you aren’t sure which brass finish to go for.  For that timeless opulent look, perhaps a French Lacquer Guilt finish would suit your brass hardware or even a real Gold plated finish. On the other hand, if you’re looking to achieve modern looking brass hardware, a polished Nickel finish could be the best finish for you. We also have many other architectural brass hardware finishes too, such as polished copper, polished chrome, antique silver, and satin copper. We’re happy to match your door furniture to your other accessories, but we can also offer bespoke options too – mix and matching the decor to suit your already existing themes. You can view our most popular finishes here.

What are the different types of brass finishes?

Here at BrassArt, we offer two main types of brass finishes – electro-plated and living finishes.

  • Electro-plated brass finishing is used for for both decorative and practical purposes. It is a finishing process whereby a thin layer of metal coats a substrate, in our case brass. The functional benefits of plating are protection of the base metal and corrosion resistance. We offer a variety of electro-plated finishes, allowing flexibility to suit the theme and colour scheme of any project.