The Next Steps

Once we know exactly what it is you or your client require, the manufacturing process can then begin.

Design sign off, sampling & manufacturing

Once the initial consultations have been concluded, the choice to go straight to manufacturing is of course all yours. CAD drawings and designs are required to be signed off before tooling up can commence. Alternatively, the sampling route may be your preferred option. This does extend the lead time and where possible we would always recommend this route in order to eliminate any design or mechanical flaws. Our team will assist you when making this decision depending upon the type of product and the way it is going to be made.

The method used to manufacture your hardware will very much depend on the type of product. The initial consultation will determine this in most cases, but in some special scenarios and as a result of sampling, the process may be changed to achieve a better result or to increase the level accuracy required. Some of our machines are capable of machining to within 0.05mm which in some cases may be extremely important. Here at BrassArt, we have the capability to create products using the one or more of the following techniques:

  • 3 or 5 Axis CNC milling
  • Programmable bar – fed machining
  • Investment or lost – wax casting
  • Laser cutting
  • Water – jet cutting
  • Hot – stamping or forging (requires product specific tooling)