The Key is in the Detail

The key to creating a custom piece of hardware is in the detail, this is why initial consultation and design meetings are vital.

Design & Consultation Meetings

The key to creating a bespoke piece of hardware is in the detail. The design, finish and overall appearance is extremely important, but the mechanical workings of the product is as important. The location, function, passage and usage level are all important factors when deciding how best to manufacture a new piece of hardware. Brass is an excellent base material and offers a lot flexibility.

Our design & technical team will guide you through the various stages of creating your new hardware to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality, both visibly and mechanically.

We are able to create 3D CAD models from drawings, images, existing STL or IGS data, photographs or from existing reclaimed products. Using the latest CAD software, scanning and 3D printing technology your design idea will be brought to life for you or your clients to see.