BrassArt…. What we do.

Welcome to part two of our tour of BrassArt. In the last edition we told you all about us and where we started in 1935. This edition is all about what we do.

We consider ourselves to be very fortunte in the services and products we can offer and much of these set us apart from our competitors.

The Executive Summary

We offer a catalogue of products and product types incorporating Period through to Modern styles, including electrical accessories.  Plus we also offer a Custom & Bespoke service for those who require more than off the shelf door furniture, or those who require something else out of the ordinary. We can also offer all of this to be finished in most of our BrassArt luxury finishes.

Styles suitable for all

Our architectural ironmongery is suitable for all styles, periods, properties (or super yachts) and, people and that’s due to our unique timeline of Collections and ranges.

Our Period Collections: Louis XIV, Louis XV, Burlington, Governor, Adam, Louis XVI and Bamboo, are all cast fom solid brass and offer that opulent luxurious look.

Our Traditional Collections: Princess, Constable and Liberty, are forged from solid brass and allow for the classic luxury feel.

Our Modern Collections and ranges: Chelsea, Compton, Wychbury and our smaller ranges such as Newport and Broadway, all precision machined, have a variety of modern elements to them which perfectly allow our customers to fit their architectural ironmongery to their contemporary decor needs.

What products can we make?

We manufacture a wide range of Architectural Ironmongery, including:

-Entrance Door Furniture
-Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom (KBB) Hardware
-Door Handles
-Door Knobs
-Escutcheons & Privacy Hardware
-Pull Handles
-Decorative Push Plates
-Window Furniture
-Door Bolts
-Electrical Accessories

As a Boutique manufacturer we also offer a Custom & Tailored Service. We can manufacture architectural ironmongery purely from a sketch or a pattern, from an old battered and bruised product or merely from an idea. Or we can manufacture completely bespoke items such as signage or door trims! You can also ‘mix & match’ the majority of our mortice knobs and door handles with most of our roses and back plates.

Not only can we do all of the above, but we also offer a standard reproduction and/or refurbushment service; in other words we can re-make, re-work or re-finish your beloved pieces.

Lastly, we can do all of that plus offer your luxury hardware to be finished in one of our luxury finshes, even real gold plated! Not bad for a boutique British manufacturer in the Black Country!

You can view our full product catalogue here.

So, that’s what we do! You can find out more about where our products find themsleves and with whom we work in the next installment of BrassArt; Who, What, Where and Why?

Thanks for reading, the Team at BrassArt.