BrassArt…. Why we do it.

Welcome to the final installment of our tour of BrassArt. In the last edition we told you where we work and with whom. This edition is all about why we do the work we do.

The Executive Summary

This business has been known to our family for decades, across 3 generations. We believe in putting our heart and soul in to manufacturing and delivering luxury British Architectural Ironmongery. In our business there is passion, for quality and for luxury. It is for those reasons why we do the work we do and why you should choose BrassArt.

Why do we do the work we do?

As you know the company began in 1935, founded by the Collins brothers. For 50 years they put their heart and soul in to manufacturing luxury architectural ironmongery and then passed on the business to pastures new.

Our passion for quality luxury architectural ironmongery began generations ago when a grand-father of the current owners acquired the business in 1993 after working with BrassArt whilst under the name Newman Tonks. Design, engineering and manufacturing was and still is in the blood of Mr J Williams and since then 2 further generations have taken on the task of developing the world renowned luxury architectural ironmongery manufacturing name; BrassArt, to where is is today. Previously only known for period ironmongery, the business now boasts the ability to manufacture from period through to modern architectural ironmongery as well as bespoke items and electrical accessories. We believe luxury architectural ironmongery is jewellery for your doors, your wardrobes, your cabinets, your kitchens, your super yacht, your residence, your hotel, your palace. The finer detail once often forgotten is now seen in a new light, and with us you can even create anything you like…..within the remits of our brass manufacturing capabilities of course! It’s in our blood and we put that along with our sweat and tears into true British manufacturing.

The history, our background and our passion are why we do it and why you should choose BrassArt.

BrassArt is a long-standing brand name in the world of architectural ironmongery. As a result, there are many reasons why BrassArt leads the way in designing and manufacturing luxury hardware:

  • We are distinctly British; British materials, British components, all hand polished, finished and assembled on British soil.
  • We are a family run business with over 80 years of experience.
  • We manufacture high-grade solid brass luxury architectural hardware
  • We use timeless techniques as well as modern manufacturing methods to create beautifully crafted pieces
  • We cater to those with discerning taste requiring custom and bespoke hardware, often exclusive.
  • We offer a reproduction and restoration service for those who wish to reignite their hardware or re-create pieces of the past
  • We have over 30 available electro-plated or living finishes to choose from including real gold plated.


So……Thanks for reading, we genuinely hope you have gained more of an insight in to who we are, what we do, where we work and why we do it. Keep coming back for more news and updates.

The team at BrassArt.