BrassArt…. Where do we work and with whom?

Welcome to part three of our tour of BrassArt. In the last edition we told you what it is we can actually manufacture. This edition is all about where we work and with whom.

The Executive Summary

Our products are made to order (although we do actually keep some popular lines stock) here in our working factory based in the heart of the Midlands. Through our select network of retail partners and other clientelle, BrassArt luxury Architectural Ironmongery can be found in high-specification residences, hotels, Royal Palaces and more all over the world!

Where do we make our products and where do they go?

All of our products are made here in the UK and are hand-polished, finished and assembled in our factory in Lye, West Midlands. We along with our supply partners make and finish our products to order, although we do keep some of our more popular selling products as stock in the popular finishes, such as our Princess door handles or Constable centre door knobs. It is through our select network of retail partners, and other clientelle that our work and products find themselves in the most exclusive places across the world.

A lot of our Period Collections and products are made to order and often fitted to luxury properties and/or Royal Palaces for the Middle East and other Eastern Countries, although there are of course Countries closer to home and even Royal Palaces and stately homes closer to home where our Period and Traditional products can be seen and admired!

Our Traditional Collections, such as Princess and Constable, are your classic look and will always be found in luxury properties (and super yachts) worldwide, these products are seen as the worthwhile step up from the standard Victorian or Regency door furniture.You will even find replicas of these designs, but you’ll know when you’ll see the real deal.

Lastly, our Modern Collections and ranges can be found across the world but in many different locations. We have really developed (and still are devloping) our Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom (KBB) and Entrance Door Furniture ranges, so BrassArt products can now be found in high-end kitchens through exclusive manufacturers and Brand names, along with on fabulous bespoke entrance doors through luxury door manufacturers. These are just some of the new areas you can easily find us in addition to working on ironmongery specifications with retail architectural ironmongers.

With whom do we work?

You’ve heard about our network of partners but who are they?

We work closely with a select number of retail architectural ironmongers across the Country and worldwide, where you can view and feel our products on dedicated show boards. These retail ironmongers also have the capability to specify your ironmongery needs along with discussing any bespoke requirements.

We also work with a number of Interior Designers and Architects who have high-specification projects and require bespoke products or simply our catalogue products.

Recently we have also seen the emergence of working with exclusive manufacturers, or Original Equipment Manufacturers as we call them. It is amazing what luxuries you can create by combining the expertise of manufacturers. These exclusive manufacturers are often in the know about the requirements there are for hardware or ironmongery and that some may be bespoke requirements meaning manufacturers working side by side is essential. We now have a partnership with a very high-end kitchen manufacturer who developed their own alternative version of one of our products to launch in their range of kitchen pull options.

In addition to the above, we also work with those in the trade and other contractors, for example those within the FF&E (Furniture, fixtures & equipment) industry. And in very unique cases we also work directly with clients.

So as you can see, we have a varied network of retailers and professionals with whom we work and supply luxury architectural ironmongery across the United Kingdom and worldwide.

You can find out more about why we do the work we do in the next installment of BrassArt; Who, What, Where and Why?

Thanks for reading, the Team at BrassArt.