Traditional meets Modern….

In our last update we let you know about the ability to mix and match our new modern products, in particular our new modern door handles and door knobs with our new modern concealed roses. This enables you to really get the product you require and like by selecting the individual components you prefer and ‘putting them together’.

It’s not just our modern products we can do this with though and here’s a great example.

We were asked by a leading Interior Designer if our Marlow lever could be placed with one of our Traditional Collection products; the Constable back plate. “We’re a boutique manufacturer, of course” we said. And this was the end result….beautiful and well chosen. This lever on back plate, finished in polished chrome, now features within an exclusive high-end residence in Essex, UK.

We are always open to being the true British boutique manufacturer that we are, so if you require something more than off the shelf then please do get in touch. If you don’t ask….you don’t get.

Thanks for reading, the Team at BrassArt.