Being in the door furniture industry, you get an idea of what the market wants and needs by talking to retailers, to end users and doing your own research.

Here at BrassArt, as designers and manufacturers of luxury architectural ironmongery we have historically never really left that path of product development. However, after an increasing number of Interior Designers and Architects approached us asking if they could have an input, we realised this route had legs!

One of our product areas which was lacking on the new product development front was our range of modern Mortice Knobs. Low and behold during this period of reflection we were approached by designer Joanne Claire from Joanne Claire Design ( With her flair for design and knowledge of what her clients wanted, together we designed our new Cambridge Mortice Knob, available sprung or un-sprung and in your choice of finish.

This new concealed mortice knob, made from high-grade solid brass, features subtle yet detailed lines of elegance typical of luxury architectural ironmongery and in keeping with BrassArt’s high standard.

luxury doorknobs

This is just one example of our collaboration work, many are exclusive pieces and as such we do not launch them as our products. In this case our fabulous designer was happy for us to continue this as a BrassArt product, associated with Joanne Claire Design.

If you are a designer and are interested in working together then please get in touch either by email or by telephone +44 (0) 1384 898839