Most of you know us for our original and iconic Princess, Constable and Liberty Collections of Architectural Ironmongery as well as of course our Period Collections. Included in these Collections are our beautiful Cupboard Knobs and Pulls which remain popular for traditional properties.

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However, with the change in styles, needs and demands of today’s society we (finally) entered the Modern world and with that came the introduction of our Modern Architectural Ironmongery. This included a significant amount of KBB (Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom) hardware.


High Grade Solid Brass

The pieces of furniture you choose, your kitchen cabinets, your bathroom cabinets, your wardrobe doors, all complete your desired look and of course the knobs and pulls placed on them also have significant importance. This is the reason why here at BrassArt we have created a wide range of KBB hardware all made from high-grade solid brass, designed to compliment your furniture enhance their beauty.

We have introduced:

  • A number of ranges of cupboard knobs
  • A variety of ranges of handles pulls, all of which conform to the standard KBB centres.

Some of these pieces compliment each other being part of our new Collections; Chelsea, Compton and Wychbury.BrassArt Modern kitchen bedroom bathroom ironmongery door furnitureOur KBB ironmongery is available in our wide range of electro-plated or living finishes.

We also offer a Custom & Bespoke service; whereby if you require an alternative size we are able to tailor to yours or your clients needs.

This isn’t it for our KBB range however, in the coming weeks we will be launching our stunning ranges of pulls and knobs to incorporate raw materials such as Mother of Pearl directly from New Zealand as well as raw textures such as Shagreen on to brass.

It’s all very exciting here at BrassArt, stay tuned.

The Team at BrassArt.