You’ll have heard (and read) this a lot recently that most people only know us for period and traditional luxury architectural ironmongery, but we’ve hopefully shown you in the past few months that we’ve caught up with the change in the market and produced our own modern products.

Our period and traditional collections still remain popular for those who want the classic elegant look, and they will continue to have complimenting product types such as escutcheons and pull handles.

Brassart traditional door h andles on roses, regency, bamboo, victorian, louis XVI

But moving on to our modern introductions……

As one of the country’s leading luxury architectural ironmongers, we’ve created a number of ranges of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom hardware as well as a significant number of pull handles and not forgetting the core products; door knobs and of course door handles!brassrat new modern lever on concealed roses door handles on roses architectural ironmongery

These levers on concealed roses are available sprung or un-sprung. And as with all of our products, you can have matching escutcheons or pull handles or cupboard knobs.

As you can see these are just our new levers on concealed roses, the back plate versions are soon to be launched.

We have more new products on the way so watch this space….again you’ve heard that a lot lately!

Thanks for reading, from the Team at BrassArt.