Do you only sell Brass looking door and window furniture?
No, our products are also available in many other finishes from polished chrome to gold plated. Please see our ‘Finishes’ page to find out more.
Do you only do door furniture?
No, we also manufacture window furniture, bathroom accessories and also electrical application accessories.
Are door handles and knobs un-sprung?
Unless ordered otherwise, lever handle sets are sprung to help return the lever to its natural horizontal setting. In addition, 64mm knob sets are also sprung; however, 51mm knob sets are un-sprung.
Do you have a sample policy?
Yes we do. Here it is: We appreciate that some customers require sight of our products before purchasing. Our products are available to view at any of our approved business partners, however, for those who require a sample on site then we do operate a sample policy.

  • For standard catalogue items and unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing, samples must be paid for at the time of ordering and before despatch. We operate a sale or return policy specifically for samples and subject to them being returned in their original packaging and are undamaged we will refund the full value less carriage costs. In the event of there being damage to the product there will be a further deduction to allow for us to bring the product back to its original condition. The customer will be responsible for returning the goods to us in an appropriate manner and at their cost.
  • For non standard products that will require specific patterns and/or manufacture they must be paid for at the time of ordering including carriage and are non returnable.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing; where products are normally supplied in pairs the samples will be supplied in half sets or if they are normally sold individually then the sample will be sold as such.

Where can I see your products?
Our products are available to view at any of our approved business partners, however, for those who require a sample on site then we do operate a sample policy. For information on where to view or buy our products please contact a member of our Sales Team on: +44 (0)1384 898839 or by email to: sales@brassart.com. We will direct you to your nearest approved business partner.
I have some old brass products, can you refurbish them?
Yes. The restoration and reproduction service is widely acclaimed and brings together many years of experience and timeless hand crafting skills. Using original materials and dedicated hand tools and machinery; damaged or badly worn components and assemblies are brought to life and restored to their original timeless beauty. We are unfortunately however only able to refurbish BrassArt items as we are unable to authenticate the material used by other manufacturers. If you would like to know more about our Restoration Service then please contact us by phone on @ +44 (0)1384 898839 or by email to: sales@brassart.com
Can I put BrassArt products outside?
Yes, however we have a few recommendations. As such, please contact us or your nearest approved business partner to discuss this.
I want my own set of door furniture that no-one else has, is this possible?
Yes. For generations BrassArt has manufactured bespoke designs. BrassArt craftsmen pride themselves in the knowledge that BrassArt continues to reproduce Heritage designs or manufacture new unique items working from patterns, drawings or merely ideas. If you really wanted to you could have your own bespoke door furniture and we can make it just from a sketch! Almost all of our products across every Collection can be altered to meet your needs. If you are interested in how we can help then please call on: +44 (0)1384 898839 or email us with your enquiry to: sales@brassart.com.
Are your products fire door safe?
Yes, you will find a number of plates with levers or knobs that are suitably sized for multi-point locking systems. We do not however, provide the locking mechanism itself, we supply the door furniture only. If you need any further assistance then please contact us.
What do I get when I buy door furniture from you?
You will receive the brass door/window/electric/bathroom furniture plus any articles associated with fixings. You will also receive a spindle where necessary. Our product should arrive inside our packaging and you should see a stamping on the underside of the product to authenticate that your product is manufactured by BrassArt.