Electrical Accessories

In addition to our wide selection of door, window, bathroom furniture and other luxury architectural ironmongery, we also manufacture electrical accessories. Therefore, you can fully suite your residence with luxury architectural hardware.

It’s the finishing touches that create the wow factor. We’ll work with your personality, passions and preferences, to create a design that feels like an extension of you. And those with an eye for detail will definitely appreciate how your new electrical accessories tie in with the rest of your home.


We are able to manufacture accessories for a variety of different function options. As a result, we are able to cater to any specifications…

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This is an image of a plug socket accessory

This is an image of a brass knob light switch


Should you wish, your electrical accessory can fully compliment your door furniture as most of our style Collections have complimenting electrical plates…

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Your accessories for your electrics can also have the same finish as your door furniture for a seamless finish throughout…

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A selection of accessories for electrics

Electrical Accessories: Click here to view product codes

We’ve got everything you need to project a beautiful sense of style throughout your home. And if you don’t know where to start, BrassArt can help provide that inspiration, too.

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