We have a new website!! AND…. We’ve been creating a long overdue catalogue!!

Our focus over the last few years has been on the ground with the product but now in today’s world we’ve brought ourselves up to speed and we’re pleased to present to you our new website.

You can now:

As we develop the site you will see there will be additional functions such as viewing your selected product in different finishes. You will also be able to download specification sheets for each product.

In addition to the huge task of creating a new fully populated website we have also been working on our long overdue catalogue. In due course this will be released and will show all of the products and types within our Collections.

We will also be producing ‘mini-catalogues’ of various subjects; our Collections, our finishes etc. These will be available in our download area on the website.

We’ll bring these to you as soon as we can! In the mean time, if you need anything, please get in touch directly or through one of our approved partners.