We often get asked the question ‘do you only do the brass look?’ and the answer is no.

Our luxury brass products can be ‘finished’ according to your colour scheme, if you want your door furniture to match your polished chrome accessories then we’ll do it. If you want a door handle on one side to match the decor in one room but the other to match the decor in another room; we can also do that!

In fact, working within the parameters of the metal Brass, we can (try to) replicate any finish you desire.

For that opulent look perhaps French Lacquer Guilt would suit or even real Gold plated! For that modern look, polished Nickel is very popular.Fench Lacquer Guilt BrassArt FinishPolished Nickel BrassArt Finish

You can view our most popular finishes here.

We don’t always stick to what we know though; we regularly get requests from clients asking for a custom finish or one that isn’t one of our most popular.

We recently received an enquiry asking for an antique version of copper. Knowing that we could do antique brass and knowing that we could do copper; they asked the question ‘can you do antique copper?’

Our manufacturing team didn’t just say yes immediately, they tried and tested various products in this new finish and made sure they got the process right before launching it. As such, we can now introduce ‘Antique Copper’, which itself can range from light to dark Antique.

New BrassArt finish antique copper

We hope you like it!