Broadway & Bude Pulls, Lulworth & Holt Cupboard Knobs

You Choose Your Inlay!


In collaboration with two ‘makers & creators’ from each side of the World, we have created our very own range of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom fingertip pull handles and cupboard knobs featuring real ocean shell and faux materials including Shagreen, Rhino and Crocodile Skin.

You can now compliment your interior decor even further by adding to your fingertip pull handle or cupboard knob either your chosen faux leather, or your chosen shell, direct from the shores of New Zealand.

Our new range of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom products: ‘Broadway Pulls’, ‘Lulworth Cupboard Knobs’, ‘Holt Cupboard Knobs’ and ‘Bude Pulls’ are made from high-grade solid brass, available in various sizes (custom options available) and, all conform to the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry standard centres.

They are available in most of our BrassArt finishes with the option of adding the ‘inlay’ of your choice!

We currently offer standard inlay options for both faux leathers and also ocean shells.

However, through our established ‘Makers & Creators’ we can offer other alternatives, please enquire.

Faux Leather Options

Authentic Shell Veneer

How to Order

Our slim Broadway Pulls have the product code: 1122 / size / inlay code

The larger Broadway Pull has the product code: 1126 / size / inlay code

Available sizes for slim Broadway Pulls are: 30mm, 40mm, 60mm, 85mm, 125mm, 170mm, 200mm, 260mm, 275mm and 300mm.

Our Lulworth Cupboard Knobs have the product code: 1124 / size / inlay code

Available sizes for Lulworth Cupboard Knobs are: 38mm and 42mm

Holt Cupboard Knobs have the product code: 1127 / size / inlay code

Available size for Holt Cupboard Knob is: 38mm

Our Bude semi-circular pulls have the product code: 1128 / size / inlay code

Available sizes for Bude pulls are: 60mm, 90mm, 125mm and 200mm

Please select your chosen size and then your chosen inlay code. You will also need to select which finish you require.