NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW….Can you tell we’re excited?!

We happily admit that we are a small business (capable of great things) and so it takes us a little longer to bring things to fruition than some of these larger manufacturers, that being said we are finally on the brink of launching our LUXURY NEW PRODUCTS, something not seen in our company for a while!

BrassArt New Modern Centre Door Knobs

Just 2 of our new Centre Door Knobs

Not only that we are also launching our NEW PRODUCT REFERENCE GUIDE for our preferred retailers. This invaluable sales tool is long overdue but your printed copy will be with you as soon as it is fresh off the printer. It will feature every single product we have to offer and can act as an extended show-board.

BrassArt New Catalogue


Plus, we have a NEW WEBSITE on the horizon! A more attractive site will feature full product listings, a wish list and will only enhance your online experience with us!


All in all there is a lot to look out for with BrassArt new products, but please keep checking back on our website and social media. We will also keep you updated….we won’t be able to contain ourselves!


The Team at BrassArt.