Historically BrassArt has been known as the specialist manufacturer of luxury period and heritage solid brass products including cabinet, door and window furniture. There’s far more to our bag of tricks than that though; an increasing amount of our daily work includes working with clients on bespoke items.

That’s why we decided it was about time we made it all a little clearer for you. As such, our website has been re-designed to reflect what we call the 3 sides to BrassArt.

BrassArt Traditional Collections, Modern, Custom & Bespoke, Electrical Accessories

The historic side to BrassArt as mentioned above, can now be found under ‘Traditional Collections’. Here you will find an online catalogue of our historic collections and the products with them, reflected across a timeline of architectural styles.

BrassArt traditional Collections Architectural Hardware

The new side to BrassArt can be found under ‘Modern, Custom & Bespoke’. This site, still under construction, will showcase the new more modern products we have created and can now offer. It will also highlight what we can achieve in bespoke luxury brass architectural hardware creation.

Modern, Custom & Bespoke BrassArt Architectural Hardware

Finally, the third side to us and the third part to our new website, is the ‘Electrical Accessories’ aspect to brass hardware. Nowadays, having your door furniture compliment your electrics is a must so we will be bringing together an online catalogue of electrical accessories for you to choose from, including dual socket and USB plates!

Electrical Accessories BrassArt Architectural Hardware

Although the full extent of our website is yet to be unveiled, it doesn’t mean we can’t do what we say on our tin. Please call or email to find out more.